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Summit Fire Protection

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“I just want you both to spread the word on how nice your man Jacob West was this weekend. We had a crisis in that one of our sprinkler pipes broke at the stem. We called our regular service company and they did not have the parts to fix us. I then called you guys because you do so much other work for us and Jake called back right away. Tim told him what we needed, he came out to take a look and said he could find the parts in your warehouse, which he did. It was nice to only have to staff fire watch for 18 hours instead of the whole weekend. I will continue to sign your praises to all my peers for years to come. Thanks so much. ”

Eileen Anderson Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck

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Treasure Island Resort and Casino

Treasure Island Hotel Expansion and Remodel

Summit Companies has been awarded the fire protection contract for the new Treasure Island 300 room hotel expansion, continuing our successful partnership with Knutson Construction.   In addition to the 8 story hotel room expansion the project also includes a complete renovation of the hotel check-in lobby, a renovation of their current laundry facility, and renovations to various areas of their casino.

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Fire & Life Safety Inspection & Monitoring Services

Bringing fire and safety services together in one simple source.

At the heart of well-built and well-managed buildings are the very best fire, life, and safety systems. They are essential to the success and well being of owners, builders and tenants alike.

Building owners, contractors and other clients need a knowledgeable source to turn to for expert consulting, installation and operation of these systems. That source for many is Summit’s Total Fire Life Safety Program.

Total Fire Life Safety is a program that brings all Summit Companies’ expertise together to solve problems and create efficiencies for clients. With one call to one source, Total Fire Life Safety provides the consulting, resources and systems expertise that can help you implement, install and maintain better fire, and life safety systems in your buildings.

Simpler solutions from our combined expertise.

Individual Summit Companies’ divisions are known for their specialized expertise in fire protection, and life safety. Many clients, due to the scope of their business, have needs that span more than one of these Summit divisions. The Total Fire Life Safety Program is designed for them.

Summit’s Total Fire Life Safety Program is supported by a dedicated sales team with knowledge in all service areas provided by Summit Companies, including: handheld fire extinguishers; sprinkler system inspection and deficiency repairs; special hazard fire suppression systems; fire alarm, security and monitoring systems; commercial kitchen fire suppression systems inspection, installation & repair; commercial kitchen hood cleaning, plumbing, HVAC systems and more.

Our approach: coordinating multiple services on your behalf.

The purpose of the Summit Total Fire Life Safety Program is to provide you with a single source that will deliver consistent help and advice in all aspects of building fire, life safety. We combine and coordinate the efforts of multiple Summit divisions on your behalf.

In addition to coordinating the efforts of these divisions, a dedicated Account Manager from Summit Companies manages all your ongoing needs by:

  • Standardizing inspection services throughout all your facilities
  • Maintaining a detailed database of fire protection systems and devices for each facility
  • Assisting in communications and reporting with local AHJ’s, fire marshals and insurance companies
  • Evaluating repair quotes for technical and cost validity

How clients benefit from our single contact approach.

Your company, no matter what geography it covers or facilities it owns, works through a single contact that brings you these many advantages:

  • One-stop structure saves you time and money, through efficiencies realized by improved coordination
  • A consistent level of service across all your facilities
  • We maintain liability insurance ($10 million) and bonding (up to $4.5 million per project)
  • You benefit from our purchasing power with our vast supplier network
  • Safety–OSHA 30 certified project managers and field superintendents
  • Exceptional quality products and service at economical prices

In one single source and with one single call, Summit’s Total Fire Life Safety Program provides access to the consulting, resources and systems expertise that can help you implement and maintain better systems in your buildings—providing a consistent level of service and saving you time and money.

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