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“Yesterday we had a leak in a sprinkler line at our warehouse. In the morning the drip started out very slowly, hardly noticeable. By late afternoon the “barely noticeable” drip turned into a constant drip. It had me concerned that the leak could be turning into a major problem. Again, it was late afternoon when I called into Summit. I talked with Cory and he indicated that all of the technicians were currently working on other jobs and not in the vicinity of our warehouse. However, he did say that Nate was finishing up a project but his shift was coming to an end. Cory said that he’d call Nate to see what he could do. Cory called me back in a few minutes to say that he was able to connect with Nate and that Nate would be at our facility within a 1/2 hour. Nate showed up at our warehouse within a 1/2 hour. He had a smile on his face and was so polite. He went to work immediately on the problem. The leak was not a simple fix but Nate handled it easily. The zone that was affected needed to be completely drained, a custom pipe need to be installed where the leak was located and then refill the zone that was drained. I know that Nate had a long day - starting early that morning. So adding another couple of hours to his day to fix our leak was beyond “the call of duty!” I appreciated Nate’s willingness to do whatever it took to get the job completed quickly and done right. Please give Nate my sincere thanks! ”

Dean Ritter Automotive Parts headquarters, Inc.

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Mystic Lake Hotel and Convention Center

Mystic Lake Hotel and Convention Center

Summit Companies recently began fire sprinkler installation services for the new Mystic Lake Hotel and Convention Center.  The facilities will offer much needed hotel space for the upcoming Super Bowl, with construction wrapping up at the end of 2017.  The hotel will add approximately 180 rooms to the existing 586 rooms for a total of 766 rooms, making it the second largest hotel in the [...]

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Industrial Fire Protection System Design

Meeting the fire protection needs of power plants, solar projects, refineries, mills and other industrial facilities.

Industrial facilities present their own set of challenges in designing and building an effective fire protection system. Each is unique. A biofuel plant is different from a refinery, which in turn, varies from a power plant or a paper mill or an aircraft hanger. Summit brings together specialized skills in our Industrial Division to meet the requirements of working on such challenges.

Deluge system-Heat exchanger

Experience is a key to success. Our track record with these types of facilities goes back many years. We have designed and installed fire protection and suppression systems for numerous industrial facilities across the country and bring that same experience to every project. With professional field teams dedicated to these types of industrial installations, we handle new construction and retrofit, as well as design/construction/post-occupancy facility evaluations.

We adhere to this process for each project:

  • Meet with owners up front to build a complete understanding of the project and assist with scope determination
  • Visit the site to unearth/assess any hidden or unique site challenges
  • Design every aspect ofthe job, including water supplies, sprinklers, fire pumps, foam protection, clean agents and detection/alarmUnderground fire loop
  • Garner all necessary approvals (owner, city, state, insurance)
  • Carefully coordinate scheduling
  • Supervise and execute every phase of construction with dedicated teams.
  • Install, test and commission the system
  • Train the people who will be responsible for the system

No project is too big or too small. So count on Summit’s Industrial Division experience to get the job done right. We’ve learned from a long line of successful industrial projects—a
nd that can save you money while implementing effective fire prtection solutions.



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