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“Hello Rob, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate working with Summit Companies and give a shout out to your team. As you know I truly feel a company is only as good as their employees. We always get to hear about when things go wrong. So I’m writing today to let you know of a positive and appreciation event that occurred. January 1, 2018 I received a low temperature signal from one of our buildings in Altoona. As we all know the temperatures were extremely cold. It was a holiday for most of us and a day for great football games to watch. I made a phone call to you (which is always answered) and asked if we could get someone go look it over before we had frozen or blown pipes. As usually your response is I will get it taken care of. When you followed up with me (which always happens as well ) and let me know it was taken care of and the tech check everything over and went to buy a heater to get the temp faster to avoid a problem. I asked who responded to the call because I wanted the tech to know my appreciation for answering their phone and going out it the bitter cold knowing this could be a long day. I thought it was someone from the Des Moines office then you said it was one of your techs named Mitch that drove to Altoona to responded. I was seriously overwhelmed with the customer service I received that day. I asked you to have Mitch stop at the office so I could thank him personally and express my gratitude. When doing this as I’m giving him a gift certificate his tells me “ Thank you but I’m just doing my job . When you are a customer of Summit Companies that’s the type of customer service we give you!!! This was above and beyond customer service. Rob you have an awesome team in Iowa City and people do notice.”

Sheila Wubbens Hunter Companies

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Gateway Apartments Renovation – Duluth

Summit Companies Duluth has just begun the installation of the Fire sprinkler systems for the Gateway Apartments renovation project, Duluth, MN.  The project is a 14 story, 103,800 sq. ft. existing Apartment Building, currently being completely renovated by ‘Frerichs Construction’.  Though not previously protected, at the owners request, the entire building is now being completely sprinkled during construction.

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Fire & Building Code Consulting & Interpretation



Summit Fire Consultants can be contracted to help with single building or fire code issues in addition to providing general building code and fire code consulting services. Summit can be involved during just the design phases of your project or can work with you throughout the entire project. Whether you’re looking for consultants on Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, or Construction Administration, our team of fire safety consultants are here to help.

Following is a partial list of the Fire Code Consulting & Interpretation services which are provided by Summit Fire Consulting:

  • Performing building and fire code review services for both specific issues and regarding the general requirements for new construction.
  • Performing surveys of existing buildings to determine compliance with current building and fire code requirements.
  • Determining code requirements pertaining to fire-rated construction.
  • Surveying existing assemblies to evaluate equivalent fire ratings.
  • Examining building conditions to determine the adequacy of an existing means of egress system.
  • Reviewing codes and standards to determine means of egress requirements for new building construction.
  • Providing documentation in the form of Code Reports, Code Interpretation letters, etc. This documentation can be either submitted directly to the Authority Having Jurisdiction or attached to architectural drawings as supplemental code information.
  • Reviewing architectural drawings.
  • Reviewing and providing approval by Professional Engineers (PE) in fire protection engineering.


Sample Project

Summit Fire Consulting was brought on at US Bank Stadium to review and provide input on the engineered designs of the smoke control systems, as well as to perform the special inspection services for the systems. The stadium includes a variety of smoke control systems: 15 smoke exhaust systems, 9 stair pressurization systems, and 10 elevator pressurization systems.  As part of the review process, Summit Fire Consulting worked closely with the construction team and design engineers to identify any potential areas of concern, provide recommendations for the activation/operation of the systems, and to develop procedures for the testing and approval of the systems. Additionally, Summit Fire Consulting worked closely with the City of Minneapolis to smoothly navigate through the review and testing phases to ensure the local code officials were comfortable with the design, intent, and methodology of testing.



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