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“I would like to let you know how much we enjoy working with Justin Miller. He always jumps in quickly and I know does the absolute best he possibly can to resolve any issues. Thank you, Michelle Stallings Affiliate Manager | Commercial Fire”

Michelle Stallings Commercial Fire

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Amerigold Logistics, Indianapolis, IN: We installed a fire sprinkler system in a rack-supported automatic freezer.

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Fire Alarm System Guidance


  • Design guidance drawings and specifications for fire alarm systems.
  • Perform electrical calculations necessary for fire alarm design – such as voltage drop calculations, loads, battery capacity, etc.
  • New systems or survey of existing fire alarm components to determine potential for re-use.
  • Coordinate and witness fire alarm system testing for existing buildings to determine adequacy/functionality of existing fire alarm system with respect to current code requirements.
  • Review building and/or fire codes to determine requirements for new or existing fire alarm systems.
  • Review standards published by the National Fire Protection (NFPA) such as NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code to determine requirements for new or existing fire alarm systems.
  • Act as a liaison for the Owner/design team with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to present and acquire approval of the fire alarm system design concepts.
  • Review fire alarm shop drawings and electrical calculations to verify compliance with code, design, and Owner requirements. Document review in writing.
  • Inspect installations during construction. Document inspection in writing.
  • Design/approval by Professional Engineer (PE) in fire protection engineering.

Level of Involvement

Can vary, depending on specific project and client’s needs. We can provide scope drawings that indicate major design features and performance-based requirements. Summit Fire Consulting can be involved during Schematic Design and Design Development only, providing cursory design guidance; or, we can be involved during the entire project: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration.

Sample Project

Summit Fire Consulting was hired directly by a building Owner to conduct a survey of an existing fire alarm system installed throughout a high-rise building located in Edina, Minnesota. The scope of the survey included identification of existing fire alarm devices, appliances, and features, as well as coordinating and witnessing fire alarm testing to observe the capabilities and functionality of the existing system. The fire alarm testing was conducted by a licensed fire alarm contractor. Upon completion of the survey and initial fire alarm testing, Summit Fire Consulting analyzed the requirements of the Minnesota State Building Code (MSBC) and Minnesota State Fire Code (MSFC) in order to evaluate the level of compliance of the existing fire alarm system with current code requirements. Through various discussions with the Authority Having Jurisdiction and the building Owner, Summit Fire Consulting was able to develop a code compliance plan for repairs and improvements that was acceptable to all project stakeholders, given the intent of the current requirements of the MSBC and MSFC. Summit Fire Consulting developed a Request for Proposal (RFP) based on the agreed-to fire alarm system compliance plan and coordinated the bidding and review process to assist the Owner in selecting a fire alarm contractor for the project. Throughout the installation process, Summit Fire Consulting assisted in Construction Administration via coordination meetings, review of fire alarm drawings, and, ultimately, final testing of the installed system. Throughout the entire process, Summit Fire Consulting served as the liaison with the Authority Having Jurisdiction for the Owner of the building – who was located out-of-state.



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