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Summit Fire Protection

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“I don't know where to start but to say thank you to everyone in your company. I met Tony Diercks doing testing at our building in Rogers and he was very professional and knowledgeable. He always had a solution or a person to contact for any questions I had for him. I don't remember the other tech that came with Tony, but thank you for the great service also. Keith Randall you were great and I appreciate how quickly you were trying to get this process done. Carrie Rondo WOW you went to work and found a solution possibility and did everything you could for me and somehow got in touch with a tech late Friday afternoon and stuck with us until the job was completed. Adam, the tech that came to do the job late Friday afternoon on his way out of town, was God sent. He made me feel like he was going to give 110% of his ability to solve the problem. This guy does not give up. When he gave me a thumbs up that it was going to work I was amazed at how quickly this all happened. Adam thank you so much for what you did. The city was threatening to shut my business down because of this problem. Adam and Carrie you guys were just amazing and Summit as a company. I will recommend anyone I possibly can to you. I just thought as a company how did this many great people come together under one roof. So thank you to everyone at Summit Fire Protection. You guys are amazing!”

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If this is an emergency, please call: 651-251-1880

Licensed States

This is a current and up-to-date listing of the states in which we are licensed to work, along with the license numbers for each state. If you are looking for additional information or have questions, please contact us!


Alabama 3691 Montana FPL-BEL-000123
Arizona 275324 Nebraska 06020
Arkansas FSS-154 Nevada 0081832
California 914879 New Hampshire 710029
Colorado 13-859 New Jersey P01414
Florida 847005-0001-2007 New Mexico 387324
Georgia CL 000668 New York 80104000412
Idaho FPSC-057 North Carolina 30010
Illinois FSC 0100 North Dakota 26908
Indiana Certificate of Authority Ohio 53 89 1537
Iowa FES-0858 Oklahoma 1801
Kansas Certificate of Authority Oregon 174536
Kentucky S-032S Pennsylvania 3749747
Louisiana F 2022 South Carolina FSC 1572
Maryland MSC-407 South Dakota FB026326
Massachusetts SC-210068 Tennessee 610
Michigan* S-1150 Texas SCR-0895
7116988 Utah 6947320-5501
Minnesota C075 Virginia 2705 098923A
Missouri F00699079 Wisconsin 656060


* Separate license numbers in Michigan for Fire Suppression Systems and Mechanical Fire Suppression work.